La Tartine & Bagel

La Tartine & Bagel

Kitchen: Europe, Deserts
Average check: 300
# Номер точки: A14a

La Tartine & Bagel – is a tea-room.

Our pastry-chef has a lot of experience in the field, having worked in well-known restaurants in Sochi and Krasnodar.

When designing the menu our team of cooks drew inspiration from the pastry classics from all around the world. Belgian waffles which became widely popular in 1962 are baked in front of our guests. Cream, fresh fruits, berries and chocolate are served as toppings.Traditional Hungarian pastry with its roots in Transilvania - trdelniki (kurteshkalachi) - freshly baked, are being covered with sugar and cinnamon, can be served with ice-cream as well. Apart from those mentioned above, traditional Georgian baking khachapuri are served à la carte. As for American classics we chose bagels - soft boublik with different stuffing, the recipe of which migrated to the USA from East European countries in the middle of the past century, and Red Velvet cake, the peculiarity of which is intense red colour and tender texture. French cuisine is represented by Choux, which is made from choux paste, with tender creme Patissiere; and of course Napoleon cake, which in France is known as Millefeuille, consisting of thousands of thin layers of crust, covered with custard.

Of course we can’t do without croissants! Presented both in its classic version and with sweet stuffing. French eclair has upgraded its classic look but the stuffing has remained classic: French chocolate and creamy custard. Brazilian pastry in La Tartine & Bagel is a caramel cake. Native classics are Medovik, its history dating back to the Tsar era, and ancient Russian pie from prune, apples and dried apricots, as well as macaroon by state-imposed standards in USSR era (known as GOST). Special dishes include strawberry cake by household recipes, chocolate Snickers cake. Homemade biscuits Taler from caramel flakes, chocolate beans and almond chips are also available in our pastry. There is no one who will be left indifferent by Turkish baklava. Cheese sticks and Russian quiche with cauliflower can become a perfect breakfast for untutored gourmands. As for beverages- tea, coffee and refreshments.

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