Kitchen: America
Average check: 500
# Номер точки: A13

Meat, burgers, #FARSH - collaboration of ‘Novikov Group’ and ‘Miratorg’ holding. If you think you know what burgers are about, forget everything you know.

You need to get to #FARSH! Burgers are reborn here in their proper look and feel, and so are we, in good faith. And if you were thinking of a juicy, fluffy and soft burger, made by the book - welcome! Indeed, it is #FARSH (#mince in Rus.) here: Arkady Novikov’s concept, ‘Miratorg’s’ quality, brand chef Kamel Benmamar’s kitchen and modern, bright design. Did we forget something..?

The foundation of #FARSH burger – delicatessen marbled beef Black Angus and the most fresh chicken from ‘Miratorg’. This agroindustrial holding launched a separate line of meat processing , especially for this project - such mince does not exist elsewhere.

It goes without saying that such beef needs proper company. That’s why our potato king buns are made here according to chef Benmamar's unique recipe. Everything by the gold standard- 13 cm., but with a secret ingredient, of course. You can also find salads, wings, chicken strips and various desserts. Homemade lemonades, fruit drinks (cranberry water), milkshakes and best craft beer. Coffee and tea are also available if needed.

To cut a long story short, for all it is worth. God save fast food, craft and Black Angus!

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