Yerevan food

Yerevan food

Kitchen: Caucasus
Average check: 500
# Номер точки: A23

‘Old Yerevan’ restaurant - truly Caucasian hospitality and cordiality of Sochi.

Traditional Armenian restaurant in its best - this is how we put into words the atmosphere in ‘Old Yerevan’. Cosiness of home, impeccable cuisine, old recipes gathered bit by bit and sincere cordiality - things that are noticed from the very first visit which impel our guests to come back.

The queen of Armenian cuisine - kofta, traditional Harissa, gorgeous Garni Yarah, tender kavurma, spicy tjvjik, juicy bohcha, and of course well-known masterpieces: hashlama, khash and spas - we assure you, these dishes will remain with you forever once tried.

The fundamental principle of Caucasian hospitality says that any guest is warmly welcomed at any time. With great respect, we just carry-on this tradition.

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