Kitchen: Caucasus
Average check : 350
# Номер точки: A11

North Caucasian cuisine is truly enigmatic, it’s roots going back to a very remote past. Preserving the traditions of past generations with solicitude, we are happy to share with you the taste and feel of a real Dagestan.

At Dagestanskaya Lavka you can enjoy exquisite dishes of North Caucasus gastronomic heritage, made of natural halal food (adherents to this philosophy maintain that in order for food to be considered halal, it must not be a forbidden substance and any meat must have been tortured according to traditional guidelines set forth by the Sunnah, known as dhabiĥa).

Our top sellers are thin chudu-pies made of very thin dough with meat, cheese, greenery, pumpkin, potato and mushrooms. There are also big Dagestan pies with meat and potato, curd and greenery, cheese and chicken with mushrooms. Apart from that we offer beef soup and various khinkal (Lak, Dargin, Avarian, Lezgin, Kumyk). It goes without saying that traditional Dagestan meat dumplings - kurze (with meat, curd or greenery) are also waiting for you. Urbech - paste from flaxseeds and apricot kernel has become a calling card of our shop. You can also choose an affordable ‘highlander lunch’ (300 rub.).

The idea behind Dagestanskaya Lavka consists of 4 main concepts:

1.We choose simple and foolproof Dagestan dishes, which we make out of 100% natural local products (flour, greenery, meat, pumpkin, cheese, crud and different stuffings).

2. Our staff consists of only Dagestan born and raised people, who continue the tradition of the past. As the Italians have their ‘nonnas’ (mommies), we have our Dagestan ‘aunties’, who are excellent home cooks.

3. Everything is being made in front of our guests! This way we show that there is nothing to hide and there is an element of entertainment for our guests while they are waiting in the queue.

4. Every dish is halal - a factor for many guests when choosing where to eat.

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