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BỔ - is a Vietnamese cuisine chain. They have 10 cafes in Moscow, 2 in Saint-Petersburg and this is their first shop in Sochi. A team of Vietnamese cooks offer national street food using fresh ingredients in front of the guests. Fam Suan Fu, kitchen chef, works and lives in Russia for more than 10 years.

You can taste classic Vietnamese street food here.

Traditional soup Pho. Beef broth is cooked for at least 10 hours, accompanied by cinnamon, anise and Vietnamese cardamon. The dish is served in ceramic bowls with chopped beef and fresh rice noodles, topped with onion, greens, lime and chili. Authentic ceramic tableware is made in one of the oldest Vietnamese ceramic pottery especially for our restaurant.

Bún Chả - a dish cooked on the grill (brazier)- rice noodles Bun, fried pork on smouldering carbons and pork cutlets with fish sauce Nước Mắm. There is a specific way of serving the dish: noodles are placed in the bowl together with the sauce, to soak in. This sauce can also be a dip for the rest of the ingredients.

Other positions: Nem with pork mince and shrimps; spring rolls Gỏi Cuốn with shrimps, chicken, mango, green papaya and carrot with Hat Mui sauce.

When it comes to beverages - there’s a beloved mango shake. Our guests can also find fresh Vietnamese fruits - papaya, durian, mangostin, dragon fruit, longan, passion fruit and of course mango - on our makeshift market. You can also buy a cup of fresh fruits, peeled and chopped for you in advance or try some exotic fruit shakes.

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