Osetinksie Pirogi

Представляем вам новый корнер в Гастропорт - Осетинские Пироги.

​Delicates 74

​Delicates 74 открыли небольшой корнер европейского стрит сифуда с низким чеком и наивысшим качеством морепродуктов.

Ice cream Point

​Скульптурное Мороженое Stoyn - единственный в своем роде продукт—мороженое принявшее скульптурные формы, с уникальными вкусами.

Yerevan food

​‘Old Yerevan’ restaurant - truly Caucasian hospitality and cordiality of Sochi.

Tsai. Chinese Cuisine

Цай это - ресторан Китайской кухни в Сочи. Китай далеко - Цай в Сочи

Surf Coffee

​Inspired by the sea and music, we brew coffee from freshly roasted arabica beans, make tea from local willow-herb, offer house speciality cacao and fruit smoothies.


​Meat, burgers, #FARSH - collaboration of ‘Novikov Group’ and ‘Miratorg’ holding. If you think you know what burgers are about, forget everything you know.

Cvetochnaya Masterskaya Katerini Isakovoy

Доставка до цветов Сувенирная продукция Свадебная флористика Флористика для интерьера Обучающие мастер класс


We offer a variety of natural handmade soft lemonades.


Сочно – фреш бар, в котором вы сможете создать своенеповторимое сочетание вкуса миксуя свежевыжатые соки и оздоравливающие суперфуды.


​ PapaPower - is a team of enthusiasts who believe in the power of coffee.

Ruki Vverh Bar

Try your favourite food from childhood - the food which we never stop loving. GASTROPORT project has joined the best products and love for cooking.

Churros Bar

​Churros is a traditional dessert in Spain. ‘Ola’ in Spanish means ‘wave’, slang for ‘hello’.

Babulya Barabulya

​Black Sea is so dear to the hearts of many...


​When we say ‘Gastroman’ it means ‘we are unique in our variety’.


BỔ - is a Vietnamese cuisine chain. They have 10 cafes in Moscow, 2 in Saint-Petersburg and this is their first shop in Sochi.

Ostrov Moani

​Children's Entertainment Center ‘Ostrov Moani’ (Moana’s Island) has gathered the best animators, interesting amusement rides and fun interactive programs.

La Tartine & Bagel

​La Tartine & Bagel – is a tea-room.


​MUKÁ (flour in Rus.) - is indeed a unique ingredient - there is no cuisine in the world that does not use it.

Bali Yummy

​Bali Yummy - is a multifunctional food cafe. While you were dreaming about a vacation in Bali, we brought a part of it here, to Sochi. Literally and metaphorically.


UzbekStyle - кафе национальной кухня Узбекистана.


​We create for you not only Georgian, but home Georgian cuisine.


​We are a beer boutique.


​Mako (まこ) – is a sushi bar, Asian cuisine restaurant..