Ruki Vverh Bar

Try your favourite food from childhood - the food which we never stop loving. GASTROPORT project has joined the best products and love for cooking.

Surf Coffee

​Inspired by the sea and music, we brew coffee from freshly roasted arabica beans, make tea from local willow-herb, offer house speciality cacao and fruit smoothies.


BỔ - is a Vietnamese cuisine chain. They have 10 cafes in Moscow, 2 in Saint-Petersburg and this is their first shop in Sochi.

Tsai. Chinese Cuisine

Цай это - ресторан Китайской кухни в Сочи. Китай далеко - Цай в Сочи

Yerevan food

​‘Old Yerevan’ restaurant - truly Caucasian hospitality and cordiality of Sochi.


​Mako (まこ) – is a sushi bar, Asian cuisine restaurant..


​MUKÁ (flour in Rus.) - is indeed a unique ingredient - there is no cuisine in the world that does not use it.


Сочно – фреш бар, в котором вы сможете создать своенеповторимое сочетание вкуса миксуя свежевыжатые соки и оздоравливающие суперфуды.

Ostrov Moani

​Children's Entertainment Center ‘Ostrov Moani’ (Moana’s Island) has gathered the best animators, interesting amusement rides and fun interactive programs.

Babulya Barabulya

​Black Sea is so dear to the hearts of many...

Osetinksie Pirogi

Представляем вам новый корнер в Гастропорт - Осетинские Пироги.

Cvetochnaya Masterskaya Katerini Isakovoy

Доставка до цветов Сувенирная продукция Свадебная флористика Флористика для интерьера Обучающие мастер класс


​Meat, burgers, #FARSH - collaboration of ‘Novikov Group’ and ‘Miratorg’ holding. If you think you know what burgers are about, forget everything you know.


UzbekStyle - кафе национальной кухня Узбекистана.

La Tartine & Bagel

​La Tartine & Bagel – is a tea-room.


Доступная качественная еда, понятная каждому. Меню короткое и ёмкое-выдержанное в духе современного сингапурского бистро. Это популярная паназиатская кухня в актуальном формате - поке, боулы, сингапурская лапша.

​Delicates 74

Delicates 74 has opened a small European Street Seafood corner with a low bill and the highest quality seafood.


​We create for you not only Georgian, but home Georgian cuisine.

Churros Bar

​Churros is a traditional dessert in Spain. ‘Ola’ in Spanish means ‘wave’, slang for ‘hello’.


​We are a beer boutique.